Simple Way Audio DI box line

In our products you will find a full color spectrum of your instrument.

D Series

D Series was our debut on the market in 2015, and we ourselves consider it to be the “reference device”. In 2019, we have released an updated version REV 2, at the end of 2021, we replaced the entire mono line with the Mini version.
We improved ground interference resistance, and distortion, which, at first glance, has an impossible value of 0.001%@775mV/1kHz.

D Series has an active pass-through output, which allows you to decouple the load on DI box input, with its pass-through output (THRU), thereby keeping the output impedance for the instrument unchanged not influencing sound and tone.

“There is no active loop-through in the new D1mini version”

D Series device is equipped with our Simpleway Ground Safety technology, the indicator shows whether it is necessary to use the ground lift.

Simpleway D Series comes in:

  • D1 mini
  • D2 mini stereo
  • D8 8-channel rack-mountable “temporarily unavailable”

J Series

This series of direct boxes features an original input stage built on field-effect transistors (FET), with a bandwidth of 200kHz and an overload margin of 12 dBu. Why do I need so much, you’ll ask? – It gives a wider sound, softness, micro and macro dynamics.

This device can reveal the entire dynamic range of any, even the most sensitive instrument. J1 has increased resistance to ground loop interference. (ground-related noise arising from ground loops)

Along with D Series, J Series also have our “Simpleway Ground Safety” technology, which will indicate and warn technicians in time if there is any ungrounded gear on a stage, which makes any J Series device essential to any studio or concert stage.
J series is created with a focus on musical instruments such as – bass guitar, electric guitar, double bass, or keys. Thanks to the J-FET input, the J series has a large overload capacity, which makes the instrument sound full and lively.

Simpleway J Series comes in:

  • J1 mono
  • J2 stereo
  • J8 8-channel rack mountable

HD Series (mono)

The premium flagship of our line that meets the highest requirements of dynamics and sound texturing. This product was made for people who have a collection of expensive instruments and want to discover the whole palette of detailed sound. This device brings you a whole new emotion of your instrument.

Fundamentally different circuit and engineering solutions made it possible to convey an entire wide range of dynamics more naturally and vividly while preserving the most subtle nuances of the performance.

Great care for the parts and materials selection process is the key to the result for this device.

Printed circuit boards are made of a special material with an extra thick copper conductor coated with gold.

As well all internal parts and elements in HD series were soldered with high silver-containing solder.

In fact, you are buying an audiophile device.

Direct box shootout

Signal path: Guitar -> Di box -> Helix Mic Input. Preset: Engl.

Direct box shootout

Signal path: Bass/Electric Guitar -> Di box -> Antelope Audio. Preset: Engl.

Instrument Input Comparison

We strive to ensure that all parameters of our diboxes become the standard in every studio, concert venue, artist tour. Always predictable sound and convenience. Excellent readability of the instrument in the mix, minimal equalizer corrections, the disappearance of honky sound effect of the instrument, extended bass range. And that’s not all! You have a universal buffer in your hands, suitable for absolutely any sound card, perfectly matching your audio devices, as well as an effective tool in the fight against grounded loops and RF pickups from switching power supplies.

Each dibox carries its philosophy and helps to unleash the potential of the instrument from a completely different perspective. It will take your sound quality to a whole new level.

Our diboxes are crafted in mono, stereo, and 8 channel formats. All our diboxes are made of 1.5 mm (1/16″) duralumin, which allows you to properly shield the circuit from RF interference, be lite in a backpack, but at the same time able to withstand even the most intense tour.

All our diboxes are ACTIVE, and do not have a transformer!

D1J1MIBSSKlarkRadial J48
Input impedance>4,7 MΩ4,7 MΩ1 MΩ1 MΩ1 MΩ200kΩ
THD @ 0 dBu0.001%0.003%0.005%0.005%0.002%
Topology InputBi-PolarJFetBi-polarOp-AmpOp-AmpOp-Amp
Output Impedance<20Ω<20Ω50Ω600Ω2kΩ200Ω
Headroom+10 dBu+14dbu+9dBu+9dBu+10dBu+10dBu

Simple Way Audio Ω – development

DI boxes can rightfully be considered one of the most popular devices in the stage and sound recording field. Their main function is to convert the unbalanced output of a musical instrument into a balanced one for further transfer via cables to the desired device – a mixing console, sound card, etc. Also, DI boxes perform a number of functions necessary for the signal to arrive without loss or distortion, such as ground lifting and proper signal amplification. But, if the solution to the first problem was largely a trivial issue for the passive type of diboxes, then the lossless signal transmission is the cornerstone of such devices. On the other hand, active diboxes successfully cope with the loss problem, but due to technical implementation, ground lifting is difficult for them, since active devices require phantom voltage, which, as a rule, is supplied from the mixing console and, as a result, exclusion of this power supply does not allow ground lift without using separate power sources, which makes such devices extremely inconvenient to use on stage. Thus a vicious circle is obtained.

After meticulously market investigation, and attempts to find something that could solve the problems mentioned above, we decided to approach the issue from a completely different perspective and tried to craft devices, which technical decisions are fundamentally different from any of the competitors.

The first and very noticeable aspect, which differs our devices from others is that in the first stages of development we abandoned the use of operational amplifiers completely, therefore, the entire amplifying part of Simpleway DI boxes is developed only on discrete elements. In simpler terms, the advantages of this implementation are not only the preservation of “air” in the instruments but also the absence of distortions in the low-frequency region, which allows you to maintain the density and solidness of the instrument.

The second difference is the linearization of individual transistor cascades and their small application. Our devices have a high-impedance input stage, which allows you to convert any unbalanced signal into a balanced and low-impedance power amplifier without distortion, and, as a result, allows transferring the signal from the DI box output to multimeter cables without noticeable signal degradation. In other words, our devices work perfectly with wires of any length, which makes it possible to use them not only in small venues but also in arenas and stadiums without any problems.

The third and important feature of our device is the stable operation with poor-quality phantom amplifiers. Thanks to our unique solution, the device can adapt the operation of the circuitry depending on the incoming power, which makes it possible to work even at + 24V with minimal loss in sound. It is worth noting that in such extreme cases, the device may show power indication absence, but at the same time, it will save from the loss of sound. In addition, each DI box is equipped with the Simpleway Ground Safety option, with which the device indicates a grounding problem.

All of the above aspects make our DI boxes indispensable and reliable devices, capable to ensure impeccable and high-quality work in any condition.

SimpleWay dibox manual

SimpleWay dibox manual