The heights we choose ourselves

Some time passed since we’ve created the base DI-box line,  D1. After speaking to sound engineers and musicians, we came to conclusion, that D1 was, certainly, a success. But we just couldn’t stay still and dove headfirst into designing a new device. The task was to create a DI-box that would satisfy even the most demanding musicians that work with the most unusual instruments in the world. Not even one component can tamper with the texture and subtleties of the sound it works with. All the feelings, all the nuances must be carefully conveyed to the listener. The music sound must still have “life” in it, even after the amplification, which is a conundrum of itself requiring spectacular feats of engineering to solve.

A year has passed since the inception of this idea, and today we confidently, if not with pride, present to you the new DI-box, HD1,  that fully adheres to the requirements of HI-End audio devices.

HD1, albeit similar to the D1 on the outside, differs on the inside. New schematics allow to better convey both the vast dynamic range of any instrument you throw at it and the most subtle nuances of the sound. This was hugely impacted by the selection of electronic components of the utmost quality, fine-tuned specifically for audio devices of audiophile quality. Mainboard is made of a special material that allows for thicker, gold-plated, copper lanes. Silver alloy solder has been used to ensure the best connection of the components to the mainboard.

We were very inspired by the result, and we are confident that you will be as well.


Circuit type - analog circuit, made on the discrete semiconductor devices operating in class A, without common negative feedback.
  • Input impedance: >4,7 MOhm

  • Input impedance with PAD enabled: 47 kOhm

  • PAD reduction: 20dB

  • Unbalanced noise level (10-20kHz): <-100dBu

  • Non linear distortion, PAD enabled (-20dB, guitar) : <0.001%

  • Non linear distortion, input level at 0dBu, at 1kHz: <0.003% (typically <0.002%)

  • Non linear distortion, input level at 0dBu, at 100Hz: <0.006% (typically <0.004%)

  • Max input level (<3% distortion): >+9dBu

  • Max input level with PAD enabled (<3% distortion): >+29dBu

  • Balanced output (XLR) impedance: <10Ohm

  • Unbalanced output (Jack) impedance: 100Ohm

Measurements performed @ 0dBu