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This series of direct boxes features an original input stage built on field-effect transistors (FET), with a bandwidth of 200kHz and an overload margin of 12 dBu. Why do I need so much, you’ll ask? – It gives a wider sound, softness, micro and macro dynamics.

This device can reveal the entire dynamic range of any, even the most sensitive instrument. J2 has increased resistance to ground loop interference. (ground-related noise arising from ground loops)

J series is created with a focus on musical instruments such as – bass guitar, electric guitar, double bass or keys.Thanks to the J-fet input, the J series has a large overload capacity, that makes the instrument sound full and lively.

  • J-Fet input transistor
  • True A-Class device
  • No op amps
  • No negative feedback loop amplification
  • Solid state transistors only
  • Ultra low output impedance – 10 Ω
  • Ultra high input impedance – 4.7 MΩ

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Simple way DI box is designed for amplifying the signal of an unbalanced musical instrument and converting it into a balanced signal to be sent to an amplifier or a mixing desk. Just like any other Di.

But unlike any other DI, Simple Way does so without using any op amps and negative feedback loop connections. Only analog circuitry and good old transistors. This really takes care of the unwanted distortion, gives the sound clarity and opens up the new horizons of the dynamic range.

The discrete amplification module was adopted from the Hi-End sound products and revised to fit the needs of the day to day heavy workload.

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