Julian Zafra

Julian Zafra – City Studio Barcelona.

The unit brings together everything that can be expected in its discrete topology.
Actually any signal that passes through the unit results in a noticeable and graceful sonic benefit.
Softening any digital signal, offering warmth and a sound benefit of a true discrete circuit such as
the Simpleway J1 model. In the test, i performed the relevant checks on the two outputs of the unit,
both the thru and the Low-Z outputs. Both have a high quality, since the Thru output has a high
impedance guaranteed.
I was testing the sound of an electric bass and that of an acoustic guitar, both signals were first
tested directly entering an interface and then followed through the J1. which benefits and improves
the signal substantially, offering warmth and subtracting some signal “sterility “and “aggressiveness”.

Julian Zafra – City Studio Barcelona.

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I found Simple Ways D1 to be a very competent active DI box. Some aspects were clearly borrowed from the Radial J48, but i have to give Simple ways DI its due, because its characteristics match and some parameters even surpass the J48.
Hugh Robjohns.