We proudly present
Simple Way MicOne

A perfect condenser microphone.

We set out to make a perfect (in our understanding) microphone, that will be able to compete with the industry standard microphones that the whole world loves. Since day one, we understood that this is going to be a noble flagship mic, whose purpose is to win over the ears of artists and sound engineers and to become the go-to microphone in any studio.

For us, this has been a journey into completely uncharted waters. Right from the beginning we decided not to make any copies or clones, and instead, create something unique. As we never had any experience in this field, in the process of creating the first prototype, we have taken apart many big name mics to understand what makes them tick, what gives them character, what sets them apart from the others, and what makes them similar. We have felt the all the technical difficulties that our “ancestors” had to face, and in the end of the journey, we came up with something truly unique.

Technical aspects or what makes MicOne great.

  1. We decided not to use any transformers or condensers on the signals path from the capsule to the output. Such an approach is virtually unheard of in microphone design. It helps to avoid any coloration of the signal and make the sound extra clear.
  2. We did not use any Op-Amp and deep negative feedback loops to achieve high quality signal.
  3. MicOne has super low impedance of 10 Ohms, which allows you to use long cables without any signal loss.
  4. A -12 dB pad function allows you to put the mic right where the action is: loud drum kits, guitar or bass cabinets. High quality components and the way the circuit is designed allows the MicOne to handle much higher SPL than the other brands.
  5. The “Dark Side” mode reduces sibilants and is recommended for vocalists with really bright voice timbres.
  6. The body is made of high quality stainless steel.
  7. Simple Way MicOne comes with the external power supply, a hard case, and  a shock mount.


Capsule diameter: 34mm
Cardioid: 49.2 mV/Pa; 30-22000 Hz
Own noise: 15dB (A)
Max SPL: 144 dB (1KHz ≤1% T.H.D)
Input impedance: 10 Ohm (Ultra-low)
Pad: -12 dB (switchable)
“Dark side” mode (switchable) "shelf filter 3dB from 2,5kHz"
Power: Simple Way PS external power supply.

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